Patents and patent applications

  1. Therapy of RAS-dependent cancers
  2. Collagen receptor I-domain binding modulators
  3. Sulphonamide derivatives
  4. Novel compounds and their use in therapy
  5. Benzo (4,5) thieno (2,3-D) pyrimidin-4-ones and their use in therapy
  6. Crystalline vap-1 and uses thereof, patent no: US 7,499,847 B2
  7. Compounds and their use in therapy, patent no: US 7,524,853 B2
  8. Novel substituted thiophenepyrimidinone derivatives as inhibitors of 17β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase, patent no: EP1828197 (B1)

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  12. Research papers (members of our research group are underlined)

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